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Covid is nothing to play with.

I had just got out the shower and dressed for work. My wife had food waiting for me when I came downstairs. I went into the kitchen to grab my plate when the phone rang.

It was a business call. A customer called me from St. Joe’s needing a Notary immediately. A relative of theirs didn’t have much time left. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had to do a service like this and I didn’t hesitate to agree to do the job on such short notice.

I went back upstairs, changed out of my work clothes and got into some casual business attire. I grabbed all my notary things and let the customer know that I was on the way.

When I arrived, I met the customer outside where he filled me in on the situation. It was then that I understood that the relative had Covid and was dying from it. The Covid part didn’t bother me. I myself have had Covid before getting vaccinated. Covid is a scary thing but I was not afraid to serve someone in need.

I had to go into the patient’s room knowing they had a virus that can spread to anyone. I performed the notarization as I would any other. In those situations, you have to be sensitive to the climate in the room and allow for space for the other relatives and staff to move around and do what they need to do.

Keeping my distance, I wondered at the dying relative and how calm he was as he looked over his dying requests on paper and signing his name. He was not sad or distraught. His sister was assisting him and she was in good spirits to my surprise. She and I talked a little; asking me if I was related to the infamous Cherry Goudeau as Tacoma residents do from time to time.

The doctor and nurse who acted as witnesses were very polite and graceful. I thought that was noteworthy and worth mentioning. They added to the comfort and sense of peace in the room.

The signing process went smooth as expected. We said our thank yous and goodbyes and I went my way. The experience just left an impression on me; how Covid claims a life. That man had some gray but looked way to young to die.

What a devastating virus! I’m still processing seeing a man dying from Covid. To anyone who’s ever lost someone to this virus, you have my sympathy.

Published by OpportunityKnoxWA

Hi. I'm Rennell G. and I'm the proud owner of Opportunity Knox Notary Services LLC. I've been a Tacoma resident for 25yrs now. I love this city! I've always wanted to be involved in some form of community service but just didn't know what was a good fit for me. I've also had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was 8yrs old. At 14yrs old, I knew I'd own my own business but it took this long to realize what it was. Eventually, all the stars aligned in my favor and I was able to combine my desire for community service and passion for entrepreneurialism to create a mobile notary service from the ground up. Opportunity Knox serves all of Tacoma and the surrounding Puget Sound region. We notarize all kinds of documents ranging from Wills to Vehicle Title Transfers. Call us today at 253-254-5097. Email us at We'd loved to assist you.

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